Why Insurance are the Worst!

Why Insurance are the Worst!

Have you ever had your insurance company say they will cover a procedure, but then in the end you had to pay everything out of pocket? As it turns out this happens more often than you think. Patients are the one who take the blame and the insurance companies drive a wedge between patient and provider. This does not have to be the case since Dental Excellence Integrative Center has a great membership plan that is better. A membership plan that allows patients to directly work with the office and removes the hassle of working with insurance companies.

Cons of Insurance:

Dental Excellence Integrative Center’s membership plan allows patients to pay a one-time fee and get all the benefit for a whole year. The plan is design to provide dental care at an affordable price and removes insurance complications and delays. Instead of working with insurance companies, patients work directly with the office. The membership removes the “if” or “insurance estimate” factors since you’ll know exactly the cost of discounted treatments. Making patient’s decisions for treatment more effective. The plan also removes limitations that can prevent you from getting treatment due to wait periods, frequencies, max outs and/or the condition of the tooth.

Membership Plan:

The Dental Excellence Integrative Center membership has three different tiers that you may choose from. Patients pay a specific fee and receive coverage benefits for a year. The membership also has no deductible, yearly max, waiting period, per-authorization, denied coverage, and most important no claim submissions letting you be eligible for treatment right away. The Dental Excellence Integrative Center membership plan is a great option that allows patients and the doctor to work directly with each other. It gives patients control of their treatment options and timelines while removing the hassle for an insurance pre-authorization.

So, the next time you are purchasing insurance, why not considered Dental Excellence Integrative Center membership? Our doctors are ready to provide the best treatments for you and your family!


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