Immune System Boost

Immune System Boost

Dear Patients,

I like to provide some self-aids to help boost your immune system to fight against any virus or pathogens during the remainder of this winter.

In general, the old and constantly valid principle is: “If they are too strong, you are too weak!” This means, especially in this precarious period and season that we have to strengthen our immune system as much as possible in order to defend us against the viruses.

Probably it is no coincidence that these infections frequently occur at the same time of the year. Especially people of the industrialized countries do not spend enough time in fresh air, thereby lowering their vitamin D3 level and furthermore compromise their immune system by poor nutrition.

We do not intend to underestimate the discussion about the coronavirus, but aim to put a differentiated view on the topic and to eliminate the fear factor. Due to its negative psychological effects, fear weakens the immune system!

In contrast, it is beneficial to expect the best and be prepared for the worst!

This implies to support our immune system optimally at this time of the year, independent of the coronavirus:

  • As much exercise as possible in fresh air every day
  • As much of a healthy restful sleep as possible (at least 7, better 8 hours per night)
  • Balanced hypoallergenic diet without dairy products, grains (especially wheat) and sugar
  • Reduced food intake and longer intervals without any snacks to relieve the gastrointestinal tract. Depending on the individual tolerance, longer breaks up to intermittent fasting (“16/8 fasting”) are recommended
  • Avoidance of electro smog (constant exposure to WLAN and mobile phone networks), as it weakens our immune system demonstrably.
  • Maintenance of many pleasant social contacts as possible and a stress reduced lifestyle. Emotional stress tremendously burdens our immune system, while good social contacts with encouraging conversations, games and laughter strengthen it a lot
  • Keep your Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Magnesium and Vitamin D3 levels as high as possible (consult with your physician to see if your levels are optimal) – this is a good way to overcome this period!

*Out of concern for the health and well-being of our patients and staff following the identification and emergence of the COVID-19, Dental Excellence Integrative Center is responding by taking extra precaution and initiating a screening process (e.g., taking your temperature) as well as appropriate treatment protocols if required.

Should you experience a fever and cough, or difficulty breathing, medical attention should be sought from your primary care provider.*

Thank you,
Dr. Sheri (Shahrzad) Salartash
And Certified Holistic Mouth Doctor
Dental Excellence Integrative Center
Alexandria, VA

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