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Every Child Deserves a Healthy Start. Start Interventions at Earliest Age Possible to Promote Proper Growth!

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Healthy Start Treatment in DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia Area

At Dental Excellence Integrative Center, we offer HealthyStartâ„¢ appliance Therapy as early as age 2 years old. This device is BPA, Silicone and Latex Free, FDA Cleared that rests comfortably in the mouth. The HealthyStartâ„¢ Treatment System is safe, effective and naturally promotes growth and development. We are able to help our young patients with a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, pain free and non-invasive therapy who struggle with Sleep Disordered Breathing, a restricted airway and crowded or crooked teeth.

If Your Child has thumb sucking or mouth breathing habits we can help you eliminate these habits to perevent damages.

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